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Where you can find us

Headquarters.: A2801
R&D Factory : B2062 ~ B2065

Location: IX Tower, Dongtancheomdansaneop 1-ro 27, Hwasung-si, Gyeonggi-do, 18469, Rep. of Korea

Tel:   +82317230234

Fax:  +82317230233

Established in 2020, Glopex® co., Ltd is fast growing in the global aesthetic market, aiming to be a developer and manufacturer of biomedical and biopharmaceutical products and services in the global market.

Glopex®‘s main business area not only focuses on the biomedical field, but we are also setting our first steps to advance in medicine-based biotechnologies to improve overall global health.

With continuous in-house research and development, we plan to develop different types of advanced hyaluronic acid gels, botulinum toxins, and other biomedical and biopharmaceutical products with our exclusive technologies.

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